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Academic Libraries/Aide-micado

The University of Orléans's library system is a network of 23 libraries

  • all the libraries of the University : 4 university libraries, 7 associated libraries of the ESPE (Teaching Institute), 6 academic libraries on other campuses, 2 laboratory libraries ;
  • a few associate libraries attached to academic establishments

Its missions are to

  • acquire, manage and communicate the documents which belong or are at the disposal of the establishment,
  • co-operate with the libraries: regionally, nationally and internationally,
  • train the patrons to the methodology of documentary research,
  • develop access to electronic resources,
  • spread the academic production of the university.

It leans on the establishment contract to implement the Documentary Policy of the University, in a close collaboration with Education and Research. It also co-operates within the PRES Centre Val de Loire Université with the other documentary institutes of the Region.
The libraries of the network are open to those who wish to consult their collections.


The libraries of the University of Orléans give you access to many services available online from this information portal or on-the-spot.
To benefit from this services, you have to be registered in a library of the network.

You don't need to be registered to access the libraries, consult on-the-spot printed collections and search the online catalog.

Online services on this portal :

The services on-the-spot :

  • Workspaces
  • Documentary workshops
  • Support to documentary research and bibliographic information
  • Loan of documents
  • Photocopying and printing
  • Wifi hotspots
  • Computer stations

To be acquainted with all our services and their terms of use, on-the-spot and distant, please peruse the fact sheets of each library or contact the Information Desk of the library you want to visit.

How to register and loan ?

Printed collections are free of access on-the-spot for all patrons without registration.
You need to be registered to borrow books and journals, and to consult electronic resources.

Free registration

Students, professors and staff of the Universities of Orléans and Tours benefit from a free registration.
Just produce your Student Card at the Information Desk. The registration fees are included in the University's registration.
For Professors and Staff, your Atout Centre Card is essential to borrow items.

Loans at the University Libraries

Arts & Humanities Library, Law, Economics &  Management Library, Science, Technology & Sports Library
The Student Card is valid in all the libraries. Borrowed items are recorded on one account, no matter the library.
The student Card is strictly personal. Everyone is responsible for the items borrowed with its card. Please contact your library for more details.

Return of items

Items have to be returned to the library where they have been borrowed. When the University Libraries are closed, you may use the book deposit Box at your disposal.

You may use the information portal to know how many items you have on your account and when you have to give them back.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

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